A bookkeeper can make or break a small business. With effective bookkeeping comes the close tracking of all of your resources – everything is in order and accounted for. Alternatively, a bookkeeper that is unskilled or disorganized may lead a company to financial ruin. Some business owners are financially bleeding dry without knowledge or recollection.

Take our own personal anecdote as an example. One of our team members recently went to a landscape supply yard to purchase materials. Upon his return, our AR Department collected receipt of the purchase and analyzed it before inputting into Quickbooks. After further review, we discovered that our staff member was erroneously charged $1400 for a pellet smoker.

After questioning the employee, he had no knowledge of this charge. The AR Department contacted the landscape suppliers for further investigation. Ultimately, we discovered that the landscape supply yard tacked on this charge by accident. While the supply yard was negligent, our own employee’s negligence to review the receipt before signing further complicated things.

In the end, the supply yard reimbursed us for the erroneous charge. Additionally, we had a very solid coaching opportunity for the employee in question. To our bookkeeper’s credit, it is their effort that saved us from additional charges while setting the stage for some valuable employee coaching.

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