The peer group meet up was a great experience. Having like minded peers get together and discuss business is always rewarding. We always take away something we can utilize in our own business. This has been a great couple of days and we look forward to doing it again soon!

Nicole Q

What a great experience, learning how another business operates and does things and learning how to organize and be more efficient was a great help. I would definitely do this again! Thank you for the experience!

Andy B

Being in the green industry comes with its own, but rewarding struggles. But having a like minded team that wants to see you succeed, such as The Green Executive® on your side really helps. They are able to relate and understand where you are and how to get you where you want to be. It has been a pleasure working with The Green Executive!

Jesse C

The weekend event with The Green Executive® provided perspective regarding what is possible in our own business. Its sometimes hard to keep sight of vision and strategies for grow. Its helpful to see neat and effective solutions and what can be done.

Julie S

I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend with The Green Executive. It was good to meet other peer group members in person and getting to know them. The tour of the business was fantastic and I learned many new things and processes. I can’t wait to return home and implement these into my business. Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend!

Josh S

You guys were amazing! So helpful and informative! You have given us a lot to think about and build on. You work well together and that is very inspirational!

Ashley B

Thank you Adam & Sahra for your hospitality and expertise both in business, personal and green industry. Your attention to detail and caring personality make it easy to connect, stay engaged and learn. Being part of a peer group and being accountable has and will continue to help us grow our business and personally. Connecting with peers and like minded individuals is priceless!

Ryan Q