The Green Executive® hosts close-knit peer groups to hold each member accountable for self-improvement and successful business growth

Together, our collective knowledge far outweighs any single individual’s knowledge.  Our landscape peer groups brings together 6 to 8 members from non-competing markets to combine knowledge, share ideas and compare financials.  As a result, this gives participants a better idea of how the landscaping industry operates.

Additionally, it allows aspiring business owners to connect with like-minded individuals and establish meaningful relationships.  Many of our peer group participants meet other business owners just like them and establish lifelong friendships.

Landscape Peer Groups Provides a Platform to Discuss & Work Through Pressing Issues

Led by The Green Executive® team, peer groups tackle all aspects of owning and managing a successful lawn care operation.  Members have the opportunity to discuss the current challenges that are facing their business, whether it’s human resources, billing, operations, and more.  Leveraging their experience running Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., the team approaches each member’s unique situation from a position of knowledge and insight.

Additionally, coming together and forming these groups facilitates communication.  We place each member in front of other participants who may have dealt with similar situations and resolved them successfully.  By sharing our experiences, our members are capable of learning from each other’s mistakes and successes.

Peer Groups Facilitate Greater Insights

Insight is the understanding of a specific cause and effect within a specific context.  When managing your landscaping business, you should be making decisions driven by insights – not haphazardly.  By coming together and crowd sourcing, we are allowing members to share their ideas and knowledge.

Ultimately, each individual gains more by working collectively.  Our participants work through the issues with each other to create a synergy that is impossible to achieve by working alone.  The Green Executive’s goal is that every single member of our peer groups leaves each meeting feeling much more confident about their personal strategy for managing their business.

Our Peer Group Members Also Enjoy…

  • Access to a communal Dropbox where peer group members share work-related documents for reference.
  • Access to our private Facebook group for further discussion, engagement, and follow-ups.
  • We foster continuing education and personal development through our meetings by assigning ‘homework’, which may include reading books and case studies.

The Green Executive® Offers One-On-One Consulting As Well!

Many of our clients enjoy taking part in peer groups as they gain valuable insight by sharing and learning with others.  However, some of our clients prefer a bit more intimate setting.  We offer one-on-one consulting as a more personal option.  We are capable of executing these consulting sessions either in-person or remotely via video conferencing.

Our private conferencing allows for much more personal instruction and mentorship.  Additionally, we encourage our clients to voice any concerns related to their business throughout the session.  We cover every aspect of a business from the ground up.  Our private consulting allows The Green Executive® team to take a deeper dive into each client’s issues – and develop more thorough solutions.

What to Expect By Consulting with The Green Executive®

Process Improvement
Our peer groups allow business owners to discuss their current processes. Collectively, we analyze and determine inadequacies in processes and strategize more efficient alternatives.
Greater ROI
As business owners learn to manage their assets more efficiently and effectively, they are capable of generating more favorable returns on their investments. Specifically, we see many of our clients increase their bottom lines by cutting unnecessary expenses from their budget, eliminating inefficiencies, and growing their portfolio.
Leadership Ability
In order to lead others – you must first understand them. By interacting with other business owners and sharing experiences, our peer groups gain insight. Our clients gain a better sense of understanding for their team, improve communications, and ultimately become better leaders.
Increased Market Share
Utilizing the skills and knowledge gained throughout our consulting sessions, many of our members report increasing their market share via; acquisitions, new service add-ons, improved sales abilities.

& Much More

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Many aspiring entrepreneurs start their landscaping business with a dream and a solid work ethic.  They invest countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears into their business – only to achieve mediocre results.  The dream only carries them so far, but without a solid plan…their ship may never set sail.

At The Green Executive®, we believe in working harder – but we also believe in working smarter.  We utilize the skills and experience we gained during our 26+ years of launching Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. into a nationally-recognized company to help business owners just like you.  We are here for you. Contact us at 618-779-2402 for your free consultation.