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Starting a lawn & landscape business or simply getting the most out of your existing business is much easier said than done.  Given the low startup costs and low barriers to entry, new lawn and landscaping companies pop up every day.  This increases your competition and makes it more challenging to stand out.  As a result, earning your spot as the top company in your market area requires a thorough plan, plenty of dedication, hard work, and mentorship.

The Green Executive® excels in assisting ambitious landscaping entrepreneurs to get the most out of their business and ultimately…the most out of their lives.  Our mission is to run intimate, close-knit landscape industry peer groups and consulting services with a personal touch.  We work with individuals starting a lawn & landscape business and current business owners who want more from their company.  Wouldn’t you want to build a self sufficient business that can run without you being present every day?

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Our Profit First Programs

One of the core components of The Green Executive’s strategy is managing resources efficiently and generating routine profits. Many business owners follow the traditional model for calculating and allocating profits – but this is NOT the right way to do it. They’re shortchaging themselves massively.

Utilizing the Profit First model, we work with business owners to plug leaks in their business worth tens of thousands of dollars or more. If you’re looking to achieve efficiency like never imagined and double or even triple profits, you’ve got to take a closer look at our Profit First program. Visit our program page to learn more by clicking or tapping here.


How The Green Executive® Helps…

After initially consulting with our clients, we analyze their feedback and typically suggest an Executive Overview™. During the executive overview, the client submits their Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Accounts Receivable and Company Budget. After review, we then provide an opportunities report with 3-5 areas for improvement and how we can better serve you. We understand that every person in unique in their learning style, so some may prefer a group setting vs other preferring one on one consulting.

Landscape Peer Groups
Our lawn and landscape industry peer groups are led by our CEO, Adam Linnemann.  These peer groups give entrepreneurs the ability to meet other non-competitive business owners from across the…Read More »
One-On-One Consulting
Landscaping business owners preferring a more private, intimate experience have the option of one-on-one consulting.  We hold these consulting sessions in-person, or through online video conferencing.Read More »
Facility Tours
We offer business owners the opportunity to visit and tour our well-oiled, facility.  Additionally, the key players on our team set aside time to meet with the visiting entrepreneur and discuss key aspects of…Read More »
On-Site Workshops
We visit and spend time at the customer’s facility.  Throughout our time at their facility, we observe their operation and write up a report of findings for improvement. Ultimately, we sit down with their key…Read More »
Bookkeeping presents a major challenge for many landscaping business owners.  However, knowing your numbers gives you a clear picture of where your business is heading.  Our bookkeeping services…Read More »

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