Experience Matters

Having a business in the green and snow industry comes with its own unique set of challenges – after long days of rigorous outdoor work, it feels daunting to know there are still hours of billing and paperwork left to do. 

We know the feeling all too well. 

We know because we run our own lawn care and landscaping business and spent years looking for ways to achieve a desirable work/life balance. After trying a myriad of programs and processes, we settled on a few methods that gave us the extra time and added income we needed to live our lives to the fullest. 

One of the best and most effective tools we’ve found is Landscape Management Network (LMN) Software. 

Let our consultants show you how to take full advantage of LMN so that you, the business owner, can focus on what you love – providing quality landscaping services to your clients. 

The Benefits Of Using LMN Certified Consultants

Let the certified experts at The Green Executive® show you all that LMN has to offer! 

We'll walk you through set-up, show you the most valuable features, and train your staff to use LMN. 


Set your sales goals, outline your costs and recover your overhead. Know how to price for every job for profit.


LMN CRM tool is built exclusively for the landscape industry. As a result, it allows you to assign to-do’s for your team and track all customer communication – right from the cab of your truck.

Item Catalog

 Load and store labor, material and equipment pricing.  Track production rates and templates all in one place for consistent and profitable estimating.


Empower your salespeople to price jobs for profit and prepare estimates on the fly while you increase efficiency with job plans for crews.

Quick Books Sync

Get started in no time by linking LMN directly to your QuickBooks Desktop or Online file to import accurate data on your customers/leads.

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Sure, you have garages and sheds full of equipment and tools for creating beautiful landscapes.  But what about tools for managing your business? 

As an industry trusted business management software, LMN allows you to streamline your processes, maximize profits and save valuable time at the end of each day. 

LMN can help you discern the most profitable price for your services based on various factors, including your expenses and anticipated income.

The Green Executive® Certified LMN Consultants will walk you through each step of LMN, from setting up the software in your office to providing a detailed analysis of ways LMN can work for you to step-by-step instructions for running the program effectively. 

Getting The Most out of LMN

Getting The Most out of LMN

LMN was designed to be a comprehensive tool for your business. This multifaceted software was created to eliminate the need for multiple programs and to streamline processes. 

We firmly believe that LMN will quickly become a valuable asset to you. However, we also know that setting up LMN to meet the specific needs of your business can be overwhelming. 

To ensure an easy transition to using LMN, The Green Executive® team provides on-site visits. During our visit, lasting three or more days, we show you how to get the most out of LMN.  In other words, when we visit you for an on-site implementation, we make LMN sing for you!

Even those who have been using LMN for a considerable amount of time learn new ways to optimize the software to serve their business better. At the same time, our clients increase profit margins with help from The Green Executive®.