Meet The Green Executive®

We are Adam and Sahra Linnemann, owners and founders of The Green Executive®. We are also landscape and lawn care specialists - just like you.

We have proudly owned and operated Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., in the St. Louis metro area for 30 years. We’re also the parents of two boys - Nash and Wynn.

We know firsthand what it’s like to juggle it all - the joys of having a family and the never-ending demands of running a business that requires both your physical energy and mental commitment.

So when we say we understand - we mean it!


Our Story

Adam has been in the green industry for nearly 30 years. He started his own lawn care company at the age of 14 and has been focused on nurturing his business and watching it grow since 1994. 

When Sahra came on board, she quickly became an asset to the company. She handles accounting, bookkeeping, and Human Resources. Together, they oversee the daily operations of their business; they lead, manage, and direct a team of professionals that are in the trenches day in and day out. 

As a team, we’ve learned how to adapt to an ever-changing industry. Like you, we’ve faced countless challenges, from unpredictable weather to advances in technology.

Through a combination of these experiences in the field, networking with other lawn care professionals and research into the latest business tools, we’ve devised tried and true methods of establishing and maintaining a successful landscape company. 

In 2017, we created The Green Executive® to offer our knowledge and expertise to others in the lawn, landscape and snow industries.

As consultants, we have been able to extend the scope of our influence, meeting with and advising industry professionals from across the country and Canada. 

During work hours, the duo is all business – but at the end of the day they kick back, relax, and enjoy life with their boys.

Adam Linnemann

Adam Linnemann

Adam loves barbecuing on his Big Green Egg and SXS riding. He’s a certified BBQ judge with the St. Louis BBQ Society. 

  • LMN (Landscape Management Network) Certified Consultant
  • Profit First Professional Coach
  • Professional speaker
  • Regular contributor on Turfs Up Radio, Host of the Profit First Pros - Experts In The Green Industry podcast and performs live interviews at industry events such as the Green Industry Expo and many other state organizations and trade shows
  • Multi-year recipient of the nationally-accredited Safety Award by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP)
  • Retired Trailblazer with the National Association of Landscape Professionals
  • Former Member of Landscape Management Magazine Editorial Advisory Board 
  • Featured in trade magazines including Landscape Management, Turf Magazine, Lawn & Landscape Magazine, Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine and Green Industry Pros
Sahra Linnemann

Sahra Linnemann

Sahra has a #nofilter magnet hanging up on the garage door and she fully lives up to the label. When she’s not working or sampling Adam’s barbecue, Sahra enjoys watching Judge Judy and sipping on a sweet tea.

  • Wearer of Many Hats
  • LMN (Landscape Management Network) Certified Consultant
  • Profit First Professional Coach
  • Advanced Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor
  • Proficient in Service Auto Pilot and other industry software
  • 12+ years as a 911 operator taught her to handle multitasking with ease and effectiveness.
Jeff Heller

Jeff Heller

Jeff joined The Green Executive as a Certified Snow Professional (CSP) in 2023. Up until this point, The Green Executive had been focusing on, well, the green side of our industry. With so many landscape business owners providing snow and ice management services in the off-season, we knew a knowledgeable, successful CSP would be a great addition to our consulting team.

  • Profit First Professional Coach
  • 18 years experience in Green and Snow/Ice Industry
  • President – Innovative Maintenance Solutions – 10 years
  • 18 year member of Snow and Ice Management Association
  • Past presenter at Snow and Ice Association Symposium – 2019 – “RFP’s – How to Navigate and Eventually Move Past Them”
  • Inaugural and current member of Board of Directors – Snow and Ice Management Association Foundation
  • Current member of Board of Directors – Snow and Ice Management Association
  • Past member of Education and Best Practices Committees – Snow and Ice Management Association
  • Mentor to new members of the Snow and Ice Management Association