Change the way you look at bookkeeping with Profit First.

According to GAAP, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the proper formula for determining a business’ profit is to take your total revenue and subtract your expenses, leaving you with your profit. In other words:

Sales - Expenses = Profit

This formula is widely accepted for calculating profits. While it seems simple, logical, and clear – there is a better way! 

Sales - Profit = Expenses


Lawn care and landscaping professionals know about putting in a full day’s work. They work long hours during the growing season in hopes of making ends meet during the winter months. But what if we told you there was a better way? The Profit First business management strategy is designed to help you allocate funds, manage cash flow year round, and increase your business profits. Our Certified Profit First Coaches will equip you with practical tools to keep your business thriving all year long.


On the flip side, snow removal and ice management professionals experience a large influx of income during peak winter months that they need to stretch into the off season. We know this is easier said than done so we now have a certified snow professional on our consulting team. As a Certified Profit First Coach, he will teach you to implement the Profit First business management strategy for maximizing profits and give you practical tools for financial longevity in your seasonal business.

Don’t become a scary statistic

A whopping


of small businesses fail during the first year.

Your business doesn’t have to be one of them!

**US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Would you believe that


of small business owners live paycheck to paycheck?

The traditional business formula creates a cycle of sales vs. expenses which causes business owners to struggle to make ends meet. By taking only what is left over at the end of the month as profit, many succumb to the pressure and close their doors. 

Let us show you a better way to calculate
earnings by putting your Profit First. 

Parkinson's Law

Parkinson’s Law is a theory that states that the demand for a resource increases the needs to meet the supply of it. For example: if your organization operates on a $5000 maximum budget to complete a project, your team will most likely end up spending all $5000 to complete the task.

The Profit First model makes a clear distinction on what resources are absolutely necessary and what is going back to the business owner.

This challenges employees to find new ways to better manage the company’s resources. In the end, you reap the benefits of a more capable, efficient team – while achieving greater profits.

A Smarter Way to Do Business

A Smarter Way to Do Business

You work hard - you deserve to make a profit that makes it all worth it. 

By turning the traditional formula for calculating profits on its head, Profit First is the optimal way to manage your business and maximize your returns. 

Profit First teaches business owners an established method to set aside profits in separate accounts, alleviating the temptation to “borrow” funds from profits. This forces business owners to adapt and improve their operating strategies while allowing for regular profit distributions.

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Let us show you how to put Profit First

Let us show you how to put Profit First

The Green Executive® Profit First Certified Coaches teach aspiring entrepreneurs the ins and outs of the Profit First methodology. 

We offer a comprehensive approach that covers all the essentials you need for successful accounting and profit management. Our expertise and experience give us a unique perspective to guide your lawn care, landscape or snow removal business through the Profit First program. 

Ready to master the formula for increasing profits? Download the free Profit First ebook today and reach out to The Green Executive® today!