Owning and operating a lawn care business can be very physically demanding.  After a long day out in the field, many business owners simply don’t have the time, energy, or ability to properly manage their books. Hiring an industry specific bookkeeper saves time, energy, and drives greater results.

Learn more about the bookkeeping and payroll services offered by The Green Executive®.

Profit First

Are you a business owner with tons of passion and big dreams, still struggling to bring in the earnings you desire? You’re not alone. Many professionals who start small businesses have plenty of drive and a solid work ethic but lack the know-how to maximize profits and reap a fair return on their investment. 

The Profit First formula will change that! 


LMN Software Consulting

Landscape Management Network (LMN) Software, one of the industry’s most trusted business management software programs, can streamline your processes, maximize profits and save time. The Green Executive® team has two Certified LMN Consultants to advise and teach you best practices for growing your business with LMN. 

Let us show you how! 

Peer Groups

Experience has show us that the most valuable connections often come from communication with our peers in the industry. Sharing best practices and experience lead to continuing education and personal development. Our peer group meetings provide this comradery in a structured setting that also includes educational opportunities through ‘homework’, which may include reading books and case studies.


Facility Tours

Learn from the experts with proven experience! The Green Executive® hosts guided tours of their nationally accredited business, Linneman Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.

Just outside of St. Louis in Columbia, Illinois, our lawn care and landscaping business has thrived for over 30 years. Now, we’ve opened our doors to others in the industry to give an intimate peak into what makes us so successful.

We’ll walk you through our well-oiled processes, provide you with hands-on experience, and set up one-on-one meetings with participants and our sales manager, operations manager, office coordinator, and human resources representative.

One-on-One Consulting

Do you prefer a more personal approach? Want to discuss obstacles that are unique to your business or your region? Sometimes one-on-one coaching can be more appealing to business owners than a group dynamic.

One on one consulting allows The Green Executive® to drill down to the specific aspects and challenges facing your business. This tailored mentorship leads to deeper connections and more impactful results.

One-on-one consulting sessions are offered both in-person or remotely via video conferencing.

What to Expect From Consulting with The Green Executive®

Process improvement – Our peer groups allow business owners to discuss their current processes.  Collectively, we analyze and determine inadequacies in processes and strategize more efficient alternatives.

Greater ROI – As business owners learn to manage their assets more efficiently and effectively, they are capable of generating more favorable returns on their investments.  Specifically, we see many of our clients increase their bottom lines by cutting unnecessary expenses from their budget, eliminating inefficiencies, and growing their portfolio.

Leadership Ability – In order to lead others – you must first understand them.  By interacting with other business owners and sharing experiences, our peer groups gain insight.  Our clients gain a better sense of understanding for their team, improve communications, and ultimately become better leaders.

Increased Market Share – Utilizing the skills and knowledge gained throughout our consulting sessions, many of our members report increasing their market share via; acquisitions, new service add-ons, improved sales abilities.


On-Site Workshops

Sometimes, as managers and business owners, we can tell that things are not working properly or running smoothly but it’s hard to figure out workable solutions. During an on-site workshop, The Green Executive® will visit your business to identify areas for improvement and pinpoint issues while observing operations.

We will spend time at your business collecting information, analyzing, and creating a strategic plan. Our experts will compile this data into a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and present our findings to the business’s key stakeholders.

Before we leave your job site, we will help you set tangible goals and create an action plan to outline the steps to enable your business to effectively reach these goals. Furthermore, The Green Executive® will follow up with your key stakeholders to hold them accountable and keep your business on track for maximizing earnings and improving workflow.