Ears Open, Mouth Shut! The Key To Communication!

How you interact with people often makes a big difference in the outcome of the conversation. Sometimes, we get in such a hurry that we already have an answer to the other persons question or comment before they are even finished talking. I learned from Yolandea, a coach in my professional speakers group, a bit more about CPR, how to use it and exactly what it stands for.

CPR, stands for Catch, Pause and Respond. Let me explain more on the concept and how you can use it within your landscaping business to improve your sales techniques and have better, meaningful interactions with your team.

The C in CPR stands for Catch. When talking with a client or your co-workers, stop for a minute and truly Catch what they are saying. Pay close attention and make sure to make good eye contact. This will let the other person know you are listening and giving them your full attention. You can also pick up on non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and head nods at the same time. It shows respect to the other person and makes them feel important. Sometimes your clients simply want a landscape contractor to listen to them. If the client has performed hours of research on what type of outdoor living space they really want, making additional recommendations or steering the client in a different direction may not be in your best interest. Listen to and give the client want they want, and focus on their pain points.

The P in CPR stands for Pause. A quick Pause to gather your thoughts and prepare your response is essential for communication. Prepare to speak clearly and directly at them. Remember, the pause needs to be really brief and just enough time to prepare your response.

The R in CPR stands for Respond. Be direct with your response and look at the other person directly into their eyes. Eye movement can tell you a lot and once again, it makes the other person feel important. Respond clearly and with complete sentences. Be sure to ask any questions if you are not clear on their response. This will alleviate any wondering or guessing after your conversation is over and save time, money and effort in the long run.

Now, go out and Catch, Pause and Respond and resuscitate your communication skills!

The author, Adam Linnemann, is a Green Industry Consultant and has over 24 years of experience successfully running an award winning landscaping company. Adam can be reached through his website at www.thegreenexecutive.com