What I Learned from Selling a $35,000 Landscape Job

Question, do your clients know all the services you offer?

We recently completed a $35,000 job with a client that actually didn’t know Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping offered outdoor living space installation. It wasn’t until they mentioned wanting a hardscape installation, that we got the opportunity to put a bid in on the project. All the client told me was to submit a quote for a design and to install something we would be proud of and want to show off to other clients.



So off to work I went to build a proposal and pitch a job that would not only bring in a new sale at $35,000 for an outdoor living space, but would be something our client and Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping could be proud of for years to come.


Click here to read more about the job on our Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping website.


Now, back to the original question – are you talking to your current clients and potential clients about ALL of your services?

Had my client and I not just been in casual conversation, my company and I would have missed out on a huge opportunity. Missing an opportunity means leaving money on the table that can help grow and scale your business.

This job taught me three things:

  1. Make sure your clients know you do landscaping not just lawn care.
  2. Contract out design work if you don’t offer landscaping design work.
  3. Be responsive by giving back estimates within 24 hours.

Not all lawn care companies offer landscaping as one of their services. If you are looking to stand out above the competition in your area, offering this service is a way to do that. It’s good to note though, that offering landscaping services doesn’t mean you have to offer hardscape landscaping design work, but it does mean you should have someone you can outsource those project to. Bringing in a company that offers this type of service will make you look resourceful to the client and being resourceful is just another way to stand out (and to bring in more referrals).

It goes without saying that responding to all messages about quotes within 24 hours is the way to roll in any business. I know that when I ask for something, that I want an immediate response or at least a response within an acceptable timeframe (12-24 hours). You’re clients are no different than I. They want instant satisfaction of knowing when you can do the job and how much you are going to charge. The more responsive you are, the more likely you are to close the deal!

Did you know that studies show that the #1 Lead Response Time is 5 minutes? Five minutes!

People are response driven this day and age because of all the technology that surrounds them, so it’s important to have the right team and tools in place to excel in this one area.

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The more your company is service and client driven, the more successful it will be in the long run. So don’t be like me and almost miss out on a $35,000 opportunity. Take the time to make sure your clients know about all your services.

Pro Tip: Start collecting names and emails addresses in order to send out a monthly newsletter. A monthly news letter is a great way to update your customers and/or potential customers about what is going on in your business.

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