Facility Tours


Meet The Green Executive® Team On-Site

The Green Executive® Hosts Guided Tours Throughout Our Facilities to Give Aspiring Business Owners a Chance to See How a Nationally-Accredited Business Runs Firsthand!

At times, the best way to learn more about something is to experience it for ourselves. The Green Executive® team allows its clients to do just that by participating in our facility tours.  Our facility tours allow for a more intimate, hands-on approach.  Participants spend an entire day on-site at Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. – a successful business that’s been operating for over 26 years now.

Participants get to experience all aspects of a nationally-accredited business, as well as meeting with key players on our team, including our:

Owner/CEO Adam Linnemann

Adam possesses over 26 years of running a successful lawn care and landscaping company.  His company earned the nationally-accredited Safety Award by the National Association of Landscaping Professionals.  He is a regular contributor on Turf’s Up Radio – where he frequently holds live interviews and other live content.  Also, Adam’s business holds several mentions in popular landscaping publications like Turf Magazine and Landscape Management.

Adam lends his experience and leads ambitious entrepreneurs to the peak of their performance.  Meeting with Adam in a one-on-one setting for an extended period of time allows participants to address their concerns or questions about virtually any aspect of their lawn care or landscaping company.  Ultimately, after the facility tour, the business owner walks away with a fresh perspective on managing their business and resolving conflicts.

Sales Manager

During the facility tours you meet and greet with our sales manager and participants will discuss every portion of the sales process.  Our sales manager covers:

  • Hiring and training sales executives
  • How to manage sales calls, leads and follow-ups, etc.
  • Tracking sales and other key performance indicators
  • Strategies to increase your market share
  • Screening new clients

Operations Manager

Facility tours enable meeting with our operations manager, which the gives participants the opportunity to see how we run our lawn care and landscaping operations. The operations manager covers:

  • The morning roll-out procedure including equipment checks, personnel checks, and morning briefings
  • Helpful hints we take into account when serving our customers to optimize their experience
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Crew scheduling and logistics

Office Coordinator

Our office coordinator plays a vital role in keeping our business alive and thriving.  Participants meeting with our office coordinator will cover:

  • Customer service
  • Screening new incoming leads
  • Our invoicing procedures
  • How to deal with difficult clients

Human Resources Manager

Our people are the driving force behind Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.  Additionally, we believe that any business requires the right personnel to thrive.  Participants of the facility tours will learn more about managing people by meeting with our HR Manager.  They will cover topics including:

  • The hiring process
  • Our Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Employee conflict resolution

Don’t Miss Out On Your Opportunity to See How the Experts Do It

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), nearly half of all small businesses will close their doors within the first 5 years of operating.  While businesses fail for every reason in the book, one theme is common among most failed businesses – the leadership could have used some help when crafting their strategy.  Our consulting programs and facility tours are designed to craft the strategy to your success, as well as placing you on the front-lines of a successful lawn and landscape business.

The Green Executive® recognizes the challenges that most landscape companies face.  Running a thriving lawn care and landscaping company allows us to place ourselves in your shoes.  We understand the challenges that your business faces – because we face them every day.  We are here to help you maximize your business. Come pay us a visit!

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