On-Site Workshops


The Green Executive® Team Visits Our Clients’ Facilities

Our Team Performs On-Site Workshops That Help to Identify and Analyze Any Issues the Client Faces

Many business owners come to us with questions and concerns.  They know they have an issue and they need help solving it.  However, the issues that they see might be the tip of the iceberg.  Sometimes, there’s more going on than meets the eye.  Hence, The Green Executive® team finds a lot of value in visiting our clients’ facilities in-person to perform on-site workshops.

By setting foot at your place of business, we are able to see everything; operations, staff members, and so on.  Ultimately, we spend time at your business collecting information, then we analyze, discuss our observations, and perform strategic planning alongside of the business owner.

SWOT Analysis

Of the many diagnostic tools we utilize to assess our client’s business, we find that the SWOT Analysis is one that is very simple yet extremely effective.  Utilizing the SWOT framework, we identify businesses’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  This tool helps business owners to answer vital questions like:

  • What are we excelling at?
  • Where can we improve?  Are there any services we should discontinue?
  • What products and services can we add to grow our business further?
  • What does our competition look like?

Many times, after sharing the results of our SWOT analysis, we lead business owners to a paradigm shift that unlocks new potential and profitability.  As business owners gain insight about their organization’s performance and strengths, they have a better idea of where they should be focusing to maximize their returns.

Direct Observation

The Green Executive® team visits clients to study their business and observe what goes on at their workplace.  At times, what seems obvious to one person may seem completely inconspicuous to another.  The untrained eye might miss something important that makes a world of difference.  Our knowledge and experience in the industry allows us to pick up on these subtle cues and issues that might seem small but can lead to major improvements.

Here are some common results from our on-site workshops:

  • Process Improvement – We carefully observe operations at our client’s business.  Then, we identify what the organization does well, and what needs improvement.  After a thorough review of the facts, we discuss our results with the business owner – as well as suggesting ways to correct any inefficiencies.
  • Greater Human Potential – A business can have solid procedures in place, however, without the right team to carry them out – your plan goes nowhere.  The Green Executive® places much importance on Human Resources.  We visit your team, get to know them, and assess the team as a whole.  Should there be any concerns regarding Human Resources, we make our clients aware.
  • Competitive Analysis – Working with the client, we identify their top competition.  Through analysis, we are capable of determining where you stand within your market.  Additionally, we are able to identify what attributes place you ahead of your competition, and what areas need improvement.
  • Goal-Setting – Without a destination, your business goes nowhere.  Hence, one of the most important aspects of managing your business is the goal-setting process.  We evaluate your business and its current standing, then we work with business owners to create reasonable, achievable goals for the organization.
  • Action Plans – After the goal-setting process is materialized, we begin working on action plans.  Each step details the actions necessary for the business to start moving closer towards their goals.  Consider this portion as a path to success.

Gain Greater Insights with Our On-Site Workshops

Many times, success is measured in seconds or inches.  Minor changes create the difference between success and failure.  The Green Executive® works hard for its clients so that they may realize these successes.

Our on-site workshops are one of the best methods for collecting valuable information about their business and turning it into actionable insights.  We are in the business of unlocking your fullest potential.  Contact us to experience what your business is truly capable of.

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