Annual Orientation Day – Why It’s Important!

At Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., we have a Spring orientation with the whole teach each year to cover the basics:


✔️  Insurance – Our Insurance Agent attends and goes over things like AFLAC, Teladoc, etc.
✔️  Employee Handbook – We review the employee handbook and talk through any new updates/revisions.
✔️  Company policies/protocols – Talk through protocols and reminders (aka, are you fueling up in the evenings, clocking out, etc.).
✔️  Sales Team – Sales manager gives a motivational speech/push for the year ahead.
✔️  Video(s) – Watch the LMN (Landscape Management Network) Waste Elimination Video.



It has been a great way to kick-off the season and to bring the whole team together. Plus, we get to do my favorite thing… lunch!

Are you implementing anything like this in your business? If not, here’s why you should considering making it an annual event.


Setting Expectations


During an annual orientation, one of the areas of focus needs to be on company goals and sales. By making this a primary focus, you are setting up your team with the knowledge they need to help you pave the way to achieving your overarching goals in the business.

Remember, your crews(s) are the ones working out in the field at your clients homes (or commercial properties). In order for them to communicate how your lawn care and landscape business can serve them, you have to arm them with the tools they need. Your crews should be the first to know when you add a new service and what all it entails, because if anyone can upsell your clients, it’s your crew members.


Continued Awareness


The day a new employee starts work should not be the only time they review the company handbook, policy manuals and the Mission Vision and Values. As your business evolves, so do your policies, procedures and vision. This is something your team needs to review at least once a year (every 6-months is ideal) and sign off on.

During Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping’s Orientation Day, our team reviews the:

  1. Company Handbook Revisions
  2. Policy Manual
  3. Safety Policy for all Equipment
  4. Inclement Weather Policy
  5. Notice of Time Off Policy
  6. Policy for Calling Out Sick
  7. Mission, Vision and Values

As we review each of these areas with our team, they are required to sign off on all policies and revisions stating they have read and understand them.


Tip: This is a great time to get your employee’s input into all policies in your business. Ask the questions, get their feedback and make sure everyone is on board with the standards in your business.


Build Company Morale


When you bring the whole team together and offer them a space to interact with one another, learn together and offer up suggestions and/or input, you are providing them a way to grow within your company. As they grow in their working relationships, your business thrives and grows as well.

Look, your crew(s) are out there working together, so if they don’t get along it will show in their work, as well as in front of the client (causing a problem for everyone). By providing them ways to come together, you can supervise their relationships and hone in on any potential problems before they start. Setting a company standard that can exceed expectations.

Orientation Day isn’t just about coming together and hammering home policies, procedures, sales goals and way things could be done better. It’s also about coming together as a group and providing ideas, suggestions, and feedback that could grow the business as a whole.

When you create an environment of growth in your business and build relationships with your team, you are setting everyone up for success – you, your business, your clients, your team. To be an industry leader, you first have to lead with integrity. This is a great way to do just that!



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