We Are Giving Away a
Free Facility Tour,
a $1,995 Value!

We Are Giving Away a Free Facility Tour,
a $1,995 Value!



Fill in the contact form for a chance to win a free facility tour. The best way to learn how a successful business runs is to experience it for yourself. The Green Executive team allows you to do just that by participating in our facility tour.

Our facility tour allows for a personal and hands-on experience. Participants spend the day on site at Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc – a successful business that has been operating for over 3 decades. You will also get to meet important team members and experience all aspects of a nationally-accredited business.

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The Green Executive® Hosts Guided Tours Throughout Our Facilities to Give Aspiring Business Owners a Chance to See
How a Nationally-Accredited Business Runs Firsthand!

At times, the best way to learn more about something is to experience it for ourselves. The Green Executive® team allows its clients to do just that by participating in our facility tours. Our facility tours allow for a more intimate, hands-on approach. Participants spend an entire day on-site at Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. – a successful business that’s been operating for over 3 decades.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

What to Expect from
Our Facility Tours

  • A first-hand look at efficient operations.
  • Gain a better sense of your employees’ effectiveness by getting to know a service team that’s nationally-accredited.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales process, follow-ups, and sales personnel.
  • Learn how to increase operational effectiveness, trim excess costs, increase your profitability, & provide superior services.

Many business owners venture into the lawn care and landscaping industry because of their passion for lawn care. While they know how to provide exceptional service, they may lack the knowledge to run the business side of things. Ultimately, many small business owners jump ship due to their inability to turn a profit.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), nearly half of all small businesses will close their doors within the first 5 years of operating. While businesses fail for every reason in the book, one theme is common among most failed businesses – the leadership could have used some help when crafting their strategy. Our consulting programs and facility tours are designed to craft the strategy to your success, as well as placing you on the front-lines of a successful lawn and landscape business.

We Assist Lawn Care & Landscaping Business

Owners in a
Variety of Ways

Aside from facility tours, The Green Executive offers a variety of auxiliary services to lawn care and landscaping business owners.

One-on-One Consulting

Our private conferencing allows for much more personal instruction and mentorship. We cover every aspect of a business from the ground up. Our private consulting allows The Green Executive® team to take a deeper dive into each client’s issues – and develop more thorough solutions.


Bookkeeping is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping a business afloat and thriving. Many of our clients prefer to let an expert handle their bookkeeping services – that’s where The Green Executive® comes in. We offer professional bookkeeping that allows greater transparency and visibility.

Landscape Peer Groups

Together, our collective knowledge far outweighs any single individual’s knowledge. Our landscape peer groups bring together 4 to 6 members from non- competing markets to combine knowledge, share ideas and compare financials. As a result, this gives participants a better idea of how the landscaping industry operates.

On-Site Workshops

By setting foot at your place of business, we are able to see everything; operations, staff members, and so on. Ultimately, we spend time at your business collecting information, then we analyze, discuss our observations, and perform strategic planning alongside the business owner.

The Power of Proper Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper can make or
break a small business.

A bookkeeper can make or break a small business. With effective bookkeeping comes the close tracking of all of your resources – everything is in order and accounted for. Alternatively, a bookkeeper that is unskilled or disorganized may lead a company to financial ruin. Some business owners are financially bleeding dry without knowledge or recollection. Take our own personal anecdote as an example. One of our team members recently went to a landscape supply yard to purchase materials. Upon his return, our AR Department collected receipt of the purchase and analyzed it before inputting into Quickbooks. After further review, we discovered that our staff member was erroneously charged $1400 for a pellet smoker.

After questioning the employee, he had no knowledge of this charge. The AR Department contacted the landscape suppliers for further investigation. Ultimately, we discovered that the landscape supply yard tacked on this charge by accident. While the supply yard was negligent, our own employee’s negligence to review the receipt before signing further complicated things. In the end, the supply yard reimbursed us for the erroneous charge. Additionally, we had a very solid coaching opportunity for the employee in question. To our bookkeeper’s credit, it is their effort that saved us from additional charges while setting the stage for some valuable employee coaching.

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