5 Ways to Prepare Now for the Unexpected

With lawn care and landscape companies thriving around the nation, now is certainly not the time to take that for granted. We must stay vigilant in working toward our goals, adapting to a new normal and preparing for the unexpected.

Here’s a question: “If there was another shut down right now, would you make it through it?”

We must always plan ahead and a part of planning ahead is making choices now that will lead how we proactively react to an unforeseen situation. There are five ways you can be proactive right now in your business as we plan for the unexpected. Let’s talk about each one:

Saving Money

Sounds easy right? Saving money can be the making or breaking of a business. When you have a reserve, you have money set aside that will help your company get through the slow months and/or a crisis.

Example: If it weren’t for savings, we would not have made it through the three years of no snow. Snow blowing is a huge part of our business, so when we don’t have that income we can’t run business as usual without a reserve.

Apply for Assistance – PPP Money

When the first wave of shut downs took place, the government stepped in and offered a way for businesses to apply for money that would help them get through the shut down. That money should have been treated like a loan and put into an account for the ‘what if’s’.

Since the release of the PPP money, I’ve seen far too many business owners use that money to by equipment or spend it on things that could have waited instead of saving it for a potential second wave. While upgrading equipment might be good for the long term, saving it for bills and payroll might be a better option for now.

Communication – Start a Newsletter

If you aren’t using a newsletter to communicate with your clients and/or potential clients, then now is the time to start one. By having a newsletter, you are giving your business another way to communicate what’s happening in your business right now. Plus, it’s a great way to offer advice, tips and new ideas that will help a homeowner with the up keep of their yard.

Hot Tip: Start a ‘Tip of the Day’ in your newsletter. This is a great way to grow your list beyond your customer base. When you have more people on your list than are working with you right now, you have more of a chance for growth.

Alter Your Service Offerings

With homeowners cancelling their vacations and upgrading their homes, now is a good time to go back to those clients who either said no to a landscape contract or put one on hold. People are buying landscapes, hardscapes, pools, fences, landscape lighting, etc. since they are staying home more. Help them invest in their properties by offering more services around this.

Another great add on service is Mosquito Guard applications. Mosquito’s carry viruses and disease. By offering Mosquito Guard, you are offering them the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor spaces longer into the evening.

The biggest take away here is – don’t just offer a service that a homeowner can do themselves – offer a service that’s unique to your industry and helps you stand out with distinction.

Stay Consistent – Learn From The Past

Right now is the time to keep your goals at the fore front of everything you do for/in your business. Make sure your goals are visible and that you are involving your team. Your team is why you are successful, so if you keep them in the loop you have more of a chance for success.

Also, now is not the time to give in to the Summer slump. You’ve got to power through this season by planning for Fall and Winter. Get those contracts updated for leaf blowing and snow blowing now instead of waiting until the last minute.

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