Two Heads…Or Ten, Are Better Than One!

Are you the owner of your company? Have you ever considered joining a industry specific peer group? If not, you should! Peer groups are small groups of 8-10 like minded professionals that meet on a regularly scheduled basis and help each other grow both personally and professionally through accountability and action items. Think of a peer group as your very own sounding board or mastermind group.

In peer groups, such as The Green Executive™, members are held accountable with their financials and S.M.A.R.T. action items. Members perform a competitive analysis of their competition and then develop a short and long term strategic plan for growth. Members also compare budgets & financials and set benchmarks. Remember, what gets measured, can be improved!

The Green Executive™ peer groups meet 2 times in person and 4 times via Skype or webcam. Each in-person meeting consists of 2.5 days of in-depth meetings that are typically hosted by one of the members. In addition to the 2 in person meetings, 4 scheduled conference calls are made with all members participating. A typical in-person meeting is described below.

In-Person Meeting Structure

Group meets for dinner night before meetings start

Day 1- Meetings all day (Budget & Financial Comparisons, Benchmarking, Book Read, Guest Speaker, Etc.)

Day 2- Meetings all day (Host Facility Tour, SWOT Analysis of Key People, Guest Speaker, Etc.)

Day 3- Meetings over at noon. (Formal Feedback is Provided to Host. S.M.A.R.T. Action Items Shared, Accountable Executive Items, Discuss Next Host Location)

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