Consider Paying It Forward!

Have you considered paying it forward? This morning, I found myself in the McDonalds drive-thru getting breakfast for my two boys and I. There was no school today and it was the first day of Thanksgiving break, so today was “bring your kids to work day.” My wife was in Nashville, Tennessee, being trained on our new landscape industry specific software program, so its all up to me, super dad to make today awesome!

I found myself paying for the middle aged ladies breakfast behind me in the drive-thru line…after all, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, right? After I made the two transactions and pulled away after getting my food, I felt amazing! I thought to myself, what is SHE thinking? Will SHE pay it forward? I really didn’t care at that point because I was stoked to make someones day even better.

Today, turned out being a great day and I whole heartedly believe this because I spent $6.00 on someones breakfast who I didn’t even know. One bonus item I realized after the fact was I had my company logo on my back of my truck tailgate!

Do you perform random acts of kindness? How do you feel afterwards? Leave me a comment below and lets chat!

-Adam Linnemann – The Green Executive