Where Has Customer Service Gone?

Where has customer service gone? It’s the simple things that have been forgotten, right? Don’t forget the simple things folks!

As I sit down for lunch at the Reunion Resort- Luxury Villa Golf & Spa Resort, the hostess asks me for my last name, I assumed for reservation purposes. 30 seconds later I am seated. 2 minutes later my waiter comes over and welcomes me by my last name and asks to take my order. Brilliant! This resort has it right!

What can you do to provide that top notch customer service?

With so many processes becoming automated nowadays, it’s easy to forget the value of customer service. However, this also presents you with an opportunity to stand out. Good customer service improves the overall customer experience – which boosts customer retention and allows you to charge more for your products and services.

Additionally, there are moments where the customer service actually IS the product. For companies that sell commodities for similar prices, the main differentiating factor is the people and the service that surround the product. Ultimately, it’s best to be on your ‘A-game’ when handling clients as that can make or break the experience for them.