Benefits of Joining an Industry Specific Peer Group

Strong leadership skills start with building and maintaining a successful business. One of the ways to do that is through industry specific peer groups. These types of peers groups provide you with the opportunity to develop and sustain your leadership skills by providing you with a safe space to learn, collaborate and hold yourself (and the business goals) accountable.

An industry specific peer group is defined as a group made up of CEO’s, entrepreneurs and/or business leaders that are in the same industry or sector and are roughly the same size. These groups are lead by an industry expert or consultant who can guide the group through meaningful content, strategies and/or methods that are proven to work.

Industry specific peer groups are NOT networking groups.

Networking groups are designed to provide you with a way to connect with potential clients which will lead to sales. Industry specific peer groups are paid for groups that grow skills, offer collaboration opportunities, and hone in on challenges/opportunities your business may be facing.


Looking for a group of like minded individuals with a focus on making profit in business?  Join us in the Profit First Pros – Experts In The Landscape Industry Group where our focus is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty in the green industry!


Joining the right industry specific peer group(s) can be the difference between incremental and exponential growth.

Here’s why…

5 Benefits to Joining an Industry Specific Peer Group
  1. Learn to how to support your leadership system – you’ll gain access to an array of curated tools and resources to help you develop, expand and support your leadership system. These tools will deeply impact and improve your work, your team and your business.
  2. Develop a better understanding of your leadership language – this is not just about learning for yourself. It’s about learning to leverage your knowledge and share it with your team to help them grow as well. By encouraging your team to grow, you’re defining (and constantly refining) your leadership style and language.
  3. Peer Support – this is a safe space for you to talk through business issues. Challenges discussed in these groups are often common challenges faced by most of industry. With a group of like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of, you can learn from each other’s challenges. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to report on your progress.
  4. Accountability on business goals – you now have a safe place to purposefully and intentionally practice accountability. By saying out loud, to a group of your peers, what your action items are going to be and committing to deadlines, you’re committing to achieving progress in your business.
  5. Return on investment – when you’re at your highest performance, you can deliver at a higher level/value in your business. With an array of tools at your disposal and an on-going support system, you’ll not only perform better and so will your team – lowering costs. and increasing employee retention and customer satisfaction.

What you get out of an industry specific peer group depends largely on what you put into it.

Participating in the right peer group(s) can change your entire outlook on what’s truly possible in your business right now.


It’s time for the “women of green!”  Our Facilitator, Sahra Linnemann, hosts a green industry peer group just for women.  It’s time for the ladies to come together and gain an understanding of each others unique situations in order to provide guidance and suggestions.


It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top!

Being a part of a powerful industry specific peer group is all about going beyond the typical constructs of what it means to be successful digs deep into the joy and happiness comes from sharing your business with peers who understand where you’re coming from and where you are in your journey.

As an industry leader, I credit my peers for helping me realize the importance of systems, assets, ROI, and leadership. It’s why we are a nationally-recognized company helping business owners just like you to achieve success in your business.



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