Knowing Who To Report To Is Essential To A Companies Success!

Adam Linnemann, The Green Executive®

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“Knowing who to report to is essential to a companies success.”

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An organized, effective organization has a clearly-defined structure and hierarchy that is adhered to. As organizations grow, the need for this structure is intensified as more employees and more departments become a part of the organization.

Business reporting provides useful insights for management such as information on spending, profits and growth. This gives employees the opportunity to share important details that can be used to help develop future forecasts, marketing strategies, influence financial planning and facilitate data-driven decisions.

However, this assumes that employees know who to report to. Hence, for communication to flow freely and in the right directions – it’s crucial that supervisors make it clear on how communication should flow. Failure to do so could lead to major updates not being communicated and the results could be catastrophic.

A great way to get around this is to ensure that supervisors are staying engaged and maintaining lines of communication with their subordinates. Also, having routine conferences is another tool for facilitating communication and staying on top of the details.